Robin -Testimonial

My husband came down with what he called “a toothache”. Upon my inspection, I saw the hole side of his face was hot and swollen and he had a huge abscess on his gum. I can’t even remember the last dentist he went to,so in a panic, I started searching yelp for help! Seeing the millions of dental offices in our immediate neighborhood but they were rated poorly, not at all or had 1 review, possibly by the dentist himself. I widened my search in sheer panic and came across DDS and Dr. Mike. Okay, so his office is 15 miles away, I have to pass 3,836,419 dentists to get to his office but he has 4 stellar reviews on yelp, one quick click to his website, I see that I can request an appointment, request a time, even explain the issue and urgency (by now it’s 9:00 PM, my husband is near tears in pain, I’m half afraid he’s going to die of an Advil and Tylenol overdose). After speaking to my husband at 9:00 am, I called the office. They had just opened, after feeling slightly stalker-ish, I explained I had requested an appointment, it’s an emergency, They said they could see him at 1:00, hearing my hesitation, my husband really didn’t want to leave early they said they could see him at 6:00. SWWEEEETTT!! They had all their paperwork online so I could fill it all out, fax it over so my husband didn’t have to worry, perfect! My husband’s biggest fear of the day: they’d give him antibiotics, possibly pain meds, and send him on his way, saying they couldn’t do anything until the infection was gone. Well, part of his biggest fear came true. Dr. Mike did prescribe antibiotics and pain meds and sent him on his merry way, but it was AFTER Dr. Mike took the time to pull his tooth (it just HAD to be done, no saving this one!) and get rid of the abscess. I get off work later than my husband, even leaving early and racing up to Marysville from office in Kirkland, I walked in just in time to catch the “what happens now” consultation. Dr. Mike took the time to back track, show me the X-rays, explain what he did and why, and went over the after care instructions with me. What struck me most about Dr. Mike was how much of a “real person” he is. He is very funny, in a light, easy going way, he instantly makes you feel at ease, like an old friend. He comes across as very passionate about his job without judgement on his patients, no long lectures about how my husband should have come in YEARS ago, no lectures on bad habits, just acceptance and “okay, your smoke, if your going to smoke, make sure, while this is healing, you smoke like this…”. SERIOUSLY?!? A kind, funny, down to earth, realistic dentist with no condescending lectures?!? He’s the dentist you really feel like you can tell him, honestly, all your bad habits, and he’s not going to judge, he WANTS to HELP you and actually CARES about every single patient who comes in.
Checking out… Ms. Heidi (it is Heidi, right? With all of the excitement of the day, I may have her name wrong, but I will be sure to double check and correct myself if I am wrong), She is just as amazing as Dr. Mike! She knows all the patients, and the playful, fun banter between her and Dr. Mike, and the other patients puts everyone at ease. She is just as passionate about her job as Dr. Mike and you can tell she could work in any dental office, but chooses to work with Dr. Mike. That alone is a HUGE complement to Dr. Mike, competent staff is vital, someone who is competent, knowledgeable, fun, and chooses to work where she’s at says two VERY important things to me. #1. Dr. Mike is a great dentist, a great employer, and an even better person #2. She is just as invested in the patients, practice, and passionate about her job as he is. The whole office comes across as caring, easy going, but very passionate about their jobs. If you love your job, you never work a day in your life, and they love their jobs. I sent my husband home to start his recovery process and was checking out for him, happily paying the small amount that insurance didn’t cover and decided that this was my entire family’s new dental office. With the theory of “it’s easier to do a tune up than replace the entire motor” I was on board to schedule my husband’s next appointment, this one just a routine check up with a cleaning and x rays, while I’m at it, let’s get me and the three kids in too. It really struck me that neither Dr. Mike, nor Heidi had pressured us about seeing him again soon, there was no pressure to schedule the next appointment. When I asked Dr. Mike when he HAD to see my husband again, he said something along the lines “oh, you shouldn’t have to come in again over that tooth, just make sure to take the antibiotics until they are gone”. The attitude of “we are here if and when you need us” makes me WANT to come in. This dental office CARES about YOU AS A PERSON, not how much money they can squeeze out of you until you figure out what they are doing.

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