End of year

Most dental insurance benefits disappear end of the year. Why not use what you have since many plans offer exam and x rays for 100% coverage (free). Some plans are also incentive plans where you have to use it at least once a year to have coverage go up by 10% every year. Many Boeing plans are this way. ... more


Me, Dr Mike, being one of the most talkative dentist around trying to get to know my patients through various conversations. This helps me to diagnose dental problems also. Mom of three kids came to the office and told me that her middle child gets diagnosed with cavities every dental visit. Although they all brushed and ate same food only one child was having this ... more

We are here for you

I have been working to get this blog up for several months now and it is finally here. I am happy to share an additional form of communication with my patients. I plan to use this blog to answer questions, share articles, keep in contact with patients and to share my thoughts. I am still in the process of setting up the page so please be patients with ... more

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