Kari -Testimonial

I was looking to change my dentist I’ve been with for over 20+ years (long story)…short story is that I damaged a molar and needed to find a dentist that was preferably closer to my home and work. I found Dr. Mike & decided to visit him based on the reviews off this page.

After our brief introduction (because I was in pain and nervous)…he got straight to work. I instantly knew that I was safe and in well educated/up to date hands. As it turned out, I fractured my tooth and possibly needed a crown.

My next visit comprised of him digging in and finding out what went wrong. Thankfully he was able to save my tooth (no crown needed) and my checkbook. While he was in there he also extracted my last wisdom tooth which I barely felt, because I was too involved watching Cupcake Wars on TLC. Yeah…there’s a TV that swivels overhead while they’re working in your mouth to distract you! It totally worked.

Heidi got straight to work on all the paperwork with my insurance company and out the door I went. I was then greeted with a follow-up call from her the next day to see how I was doing, and how my mouth was feeling. SO considerate and SO unexpected.

I came back in July for my teeth cleaning, because my first visit wasn’t about a routine exam. Jeff was amazing!!! My teeth haven’t had service like that in FOREVER. After 35 minutes in I was wondering if polishing became a thing of the past with all these high tech gadgets he was using?! It’s not a thing of the past, it’s something that comes little later after his examination. Un-real! He thoughtfully talked to me about my teeth, my gums and what I use. He gave me gentle suggestions to try (like flossing more than three times a week) 🙂 . I opted for the fluoride treatment (cotton-candy), and off I went. Again, I’ve never had my teeth serviced like that…ever.

Dr. Mike and his staff are AWESOME! I truly recommend anyone looking for a new dentist to go see them.You’ll be impressed by the office, but more impressed with Dr. Mike. his staff and the service you’ll receive.

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